I am the sensual caramel stuck between your teeth
Each time your mouth opens your lips my name can't help but say
Poetry runs thru my veins like crack from a needle
Without it I would hudle in the corner..stationary in the feetle position...drenched sweat while my mind goes insane
Every movement I make an melody is created
Evoking the words to arise from the very depths of me
At the start of my first syllable u start to dribble
Inchin towards me swiftly for your goin thru withdrawls
I shall shoot my words into your brains
Feed your souls b4 withdrawls take control
My almond eyes peer into your soul
I then draw u with my words
My intellect clothes u
My passion console u
The sound of my voice pulls at your heart strings
I shall be gentle as I pop your mental cherry
Make ya body sing until u reach ur mental climax
I am your mental orgasm
Mentally u reach your peak and ur body head to toe says